SYMPROfluid Cleaning agent

SYMPROfluids are cleaning liquids, for use in the SYMPRO cleaning systems. The SYMPROfluid Universal is used to clean stubborn stains, the SYMPROfluid Nicoclean is used to clean soft nicotine discoloration.

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  • Efficient cleaning processes with specially designed cleaning liquids for individual stains.
  • Easy use with ready-to-use solutions.

Support for SYMPROfluid

Picture Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Shopping list
SYMPROfluid Universal SYMPROfluid Universal Cleaning liquid, for use together with the SYMPRO needle cleaning unit. Eliminates frequently occurring deposits like plaque and tartar quickly and reliably. 2 x 2 l (2 x 0.53 gal) 65000600
SYMPROfluid Nicoclean SYMPROfluid Nicoclean Cleaning liquid, for use outside of the SYMPRO needle cleaning unit. It removes strong nicotine stains from dentures. 2 x 2 l (2 x 0.53 gal) 65000610

SYMPROfluid Universal

SYMPROfluid Nicoclean



Picture Product Description Article number Shopping list
SYMPRO mini-cup set SYMPRO mini-cup set Hygienically reprocessable bowl (for 4 single crowns or up to 4 unit bridges) for cleaning small objects in the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit, incl. adapter ring and cleaning needles. 65000410
SYMPRO beaker disinfectable SYMPRO beaker disinfectable 65000450

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