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Communication with EASY view+: The smart enhancement for every dental laboratory

EASY view+ takes digital communication in the dental laboratory to a new level! For rapid communication with the dental office and laboratory team or during hands-on training courses. Live demonstrations from the laboratory bench are shown on a monitor in crystal clear resolution – and on any external screen thanks to the sharing function.

Better communication means better results.



EASY view+ helps dental laboratories save valuable time and optimize their daily workflows. Thanks to high-speed 3D visualization, even complex topics can be effectively presented. With EASY view+, all team partners are always in the picture. That's because the work on the laboratory bench is also shown on a monitor, in real time and in crystal clear resolution.



This smart Dental Visual Communicator has incredible potential. A high-precision live view of the dental object being worked on is available in different zoom factors (4x, 15x, and 20x magnification). Both the complete display of a model as well as an accurate detailed view are possible (e.g., preparation margin).

This simplifies preparatory steps for example, or quality control before work is completed. The sharing function is also cleverly solved. In combination with laboratory computers and video conferencing systems, the live view can be shared at the touch of a button, for example with the dental office or with colleagues during case discussions. After all, although words can explain a lot, a real, multidimensional image is ultimately far clearer and easier to understand.

What's more, the snapshot function is a real bonus for the daily laboratory routine. With just one click, a photo can be created on the fly of the required image section and automatically stored in the image database via the Renfert CONNECT app. Sorting, labeling, archiving, and documenting – all of this is child's play thanks to intuitive handling and the use of familiar programs.



Concrete benefits of EASY view+ include

  • Rapid, direct communication with the dental office or colleagues
  • Easy, uncomplicated documentation without the need for extensive photographic equipment or external lighting
  • High-precision quality control in the dental laboratory, for example when starting and when completing work

Simply show more:

With EASY view+, the steps carried out during the work of a dental technician can be demonstrated on a monitor with incredible effectiveness and for everyone to see. Employee education or internal training sessions can communicate their message more effectively – because with EASY view+, everyone has a front row seat. However, demonstrating workflows and presenting results in-house isn't the only option. With the sharing function, fascinating hands-on training courses can be streamed live. Participants can meet remotely at the presenter's laboratory bench and observe proceedings in high resolution – easily and without the need for extensive additional equipment. Presenters can focus on their work as a dental technician, without needing to familiarize themselves with the complicated technical details of video streaming. Presentation mode is optimized by special filters. A polarizing filter helps prevent reflections and a UV filter facilitates longer processing times for light-curing materials.



The screencast mode is another clever function. Screencasts for training videos or for archiving process steps can be easily recorded using a capture card. How-to videos for the steps carried out during the work of a dental technician (e.g., staining a monolithic crown) are informative, for example for new employees, and they mean that long written work instructions are no longer required. With EASY view+, "tedious" introductions can be inspiring orientation sessions.


Concrete benefits of EASY view+ include

  • Effective demonstration of the steps carried out during the work of a dental technician for initial training, continuing education sessions, and further training courses
  • Digital training or coaching of dental technician staff and recording of training videos (e.g., employee training sessions)
  • A professional streaming solution for hands-on webinars without complicated additional equipment

EASY view+, the new Dental Visual Communicator from Renfert, is a simple, professional solution for digital visualization of the manual work of dental technicians. The device has the potential to become a cornerstone of communication in the dental laboratory. Case discussions, live training, employee training, webinars, video presentations (e.g., for social media) or photography – better communication means better results. Simple, intuitive, and enjoyable, the imaging system lets you successfully visualize the work of a dental technician. And best of all for those of us who love simplicity, EASY view+ lives up to its name – it's very easy to use.


Because better communication means better results!




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