lay:art practically perfect

making work easy

Carola Wohlgenannt
Dental Technician


I am fascinated every time I use my lay:art style brush. The brush tip has remained pointed for more than a year already, which allows me to do diiferent kinds of ceramic work with just one brush size.


To begin with I layer the complete dentin and incisal tooth area. After setting up a enamel wall I can layer thin mamelons, secondary dentin and fine enamel crack lines, as well as transparent layering variations. When layering the posterior tooth, the pointed brush tip of the the lay:art style brush Nr.4 allows a nice occlusal layering with all anatomical cusps and their dependents.


Therefore it is possible to work quickly and easily with just one brush. As the fine brush tip of the lay:art style brush stays pointed and thin for over a year, I see no competition to this brush on the market. I have had to replace other brushes after only one month!


For my daily work, as well as for my work as a dental course trainer I use the ceramic mixing tray lay:art tropic pro xl. With its 17 mixing wells it has enough space for opaque dentin and dentin materials, various incisal and transparent materials, as well as effect materials, in addition I have a great overview of all ceramic materials on my mixing tray. The two glazed mixing wells that I use for mixing liquids are also very useful. Together with the lid ceramic materials stay moist for several days.






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The re-writable foil in the lid of the mixing trays is very useful for the courses I give. By labelling in the lid all course participants can easily follow what ceramic materials I am layering with. The ergonomic design of the lay:art mixing tray casing is also very convenient to rest your hand on while working. Additionally the integrated brush compartment is a well thought through feature.

All in all the lay:art tropic pro is ideal for daily use and the main advantages of both the lay:art brushes and mixing trays are equally important for the ceramic courses that I teach.