Efficient sandblasting

making work easy

Oliver Bothe
Master Dental Technician


Sandblasting is not simply blasting…even if it has been often thought of as such.


Making daily tasks easier

Precise sandblasting is a challenge if all deatils are not easy to recognise. All of the Renfert Basic sandblasting units are equipped with the so called PERFECTview-System, which uses an innovative, efficient and effective LED Technology to give the user the perfect Balance between difuse and direct light.


How to safely reach your Goals

With the focussed blasting of the Renfert sandblasting units the user is able to target the areas he/she wants to blast precisely. This is particularly important when working with delicate restaurations, such as implant abutments or full ceramic restaurations and leads to a great increase in safety and quality.


Sandblasting can be very efficient

For some other devices the cost of abrasive consumption is up to 6-times higher than those for Renfert sandblasting units. This was clearly documented in a scientific study put together by the University of Osnabruck, Engineering and IT faculty. Therefore a perceived bargain when buying a sandblasting unit can quickly become very expensive.


The Renfert Basic sandblasting units – EASY, SAFE, EFFICIENT