Efficient wax-up techniques… Quality, ergonomics & an increase in Efficiency

making work easy

Manfred Tauber
Master Dental Technician


By using an electric wax-knife and a wax heating unit in the fields of crown & bridgework and also prosthetics it is not only possible to increase the quality, but also double the wax-up speed and therefore save up to 50% of time. Renfert played a decisive role in shaping this development and belongs to the global market leaders in this field of wax Technology.


A wax-up is the first of many other steps in the laboratory and practice



Important fields of application include:

A basis for planning

  • Assistance for diagnosing and planning the final restoration
  • A form of communication (Dental technician – Patient – Dentist)
  • Planning dimensions and controlling the amount of space available



Subsequent processing

  • Press to technique
  • Conventional layering technique
  • Temporary restorations
  • Veneers