SILENT CAM extraction units

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Extraction and CAM unit intelligently connected


The PLC interface is the intelligent bi-directional communication with your CAM unit. This enables messages to be processed and tasks to be initiated, e.g. switching on and off, activating the cleaning of the fine filter and detecting the function status of the extraction unit. All you need to do is simply connect the extraction unit to your CAM device and off you go!


The right solution for everyone

Depending on the size and running time of your milling machine, Renfert will always give you the right solution. For smaller CAM units Renfert recommends the SILENT compactCAM with collector motor, for larger CAM units with longer running times the SILENT powerCAM EC with brushless turbine technology. Both extraction units guarantee a strong suction performance and unite cleanliness and quietness in your laboratory.

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The issue of extraction technology in your laboratory is becoming increasingly important. Renfert offers custom-made solutions for every area of application and, for several years now, especially for dental CAM units. Health protection is an important factor as most milling work produces large quantities of fine dust particles within a very short period of time. This has to be extracted efficiently, and above all collected safely by a highly effective filter system – for a significant improvement of the laboratory environment.

Renfert uses bagless fine filter technology with mechanical cleaning for CAM extraction units. This means that the full suction power is available after each cleaning!


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