Cleaning dentures – quickly and simply

So simple. At the touch of a button.

making work easy

Thoroughly removing often stubborn deposits directly in the dental office takes up a lot of your time. If the restoration is given to an external company, waiting times are inconvenient for patients. It doesn't have to be like that: Our SYMPRO system is happy to do the work for you. Not only can the clean prosthesis be returned to your patient after just a short period of time, you have provided preventive prophylaxis, too.


Cleaning dentures – systematically


Advantages of the SYMPRO system

Patient retention and satisfaction: Regular professional cleaning of prostheses has a positive impact on the health of your patients.

Time savings: You can save time – minimizing the manual effort for you, while also reducing the waiting time for your patients as far as possible.

Reliable processes: All system components can be validated and hygienically reprocessed.

Additional preventive prophylaxis: You can generate additional revenue through prophylaxis for denture wearers and promote patient retention.



The SYMPRO denture cleaning unit and the help:ex cleaning liquids are a team. Together, they free dentures, restorations, orthodontic appliances and splints from hard and soft deposits such as plaque and tartar or stains caused by coffee, tea, or tobacco tar.

In an average of only around 15 minutes. In just 3 steps. And with proven material compatibility with standard dental materials!  

Step 1: Load the unit and start.

Step 2: … Take care of other tasks.

Step 3: … Remove the clean denture, rinse, and you're done!



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