Dental cleaning

Optimize your profits by using efficient materials and devices for cleaning dentures, restorations and other objects on a daily basis.

making work easy

Making work easy

At Renfert our aim is to make the work of dentists easier and to help them optimize their workflow. That's why we always strive to understand how a practice works and know its requirements. We ask questions and listen carefully.



making work easy: this means reducing the amount of manual work involved in cleaning dentures, restorations and other objects.


Sympro - Denture cleaning system


Automated denture cleaning as an additional prophylaxis service

Expand your practice repertoire with a favorable solution: with the SYMPRO system, denture cleaning will become an efficient side issue. The compact denture cleaning device and the specially coordinated fluids provide a fast and efficient prophylaxis service with minimal effort.

Stubborn deposits such as plaque and tartar are removed from dentures at the touch of a button,  enabling a patient’s denture to be cleaned and returned in just a few minutes. A real additional benefit for your patients and your dental office!


temp:ex - temporary cement remover


Remove temporary cement without manual work

Instead of time-consuming manual labor, simply place the restoration in the cleaning solution, allow it to take effect, remove the cleaned object and rinse with water. This method is safe, protects the restoration and allows more time for other chores.

making work easy: surface treatments such as surface conditioning, cleaning the inner surfaces of crowns or roughening metal, resin and composite surfaces are simplified by the use of sandblasting units that operate economically by saving on sandblasting materials for example.


Basic eco - Fine sandblasting unit


Focused sandblasting thanks to the high precision nozzle and even flow of abrasive material reduce the risk of damage to the restorations. This ensures process reliability, while the efficient use of sandblasting material based on the special mixing chamber technology saves the dental office money.

making work easy: when impression trays or other objects have to be cleaned, the use of effective and innovative fine cleaning with ultrasonic technology means pure time savings for you.


Easyclean - Ultrasonic cleaning unit


Ultrasonic cleaning device with optimized sound frequency for intensive and gentle cleaning.



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