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Renfert Polish diamond polishing pastes for modern dental materials

The modern white ceramic materials developed over the last years have unique requirements: They need to range from very hard to less hard or, as in the case of hybrid materials, sometimes to possess a very disproportionate material ratio. It is only with specially designed instruments and polishing pastes that it is possible to achieve ideal natural results and create a smooth surface that prevents harmful plaque deposits.

Not all polishing pastes are necessarily the same. High gloss is not always equivalent to a smooth surface. Find out the differences in our technical-scientific article authored by Manfred Tauber, Master Dental Technician, and Dr. Frank Weber. Find out more

Renfert supplies material-specific polishing pastes and instruments especially for the final step in the polishing process. That means you achieve fast, economical polishing results along with optimal outcomes; watch and read below what the experts have to say.


Images and videos

Renfert Polish hybrid materials

Atsushi Hasegawa:

“Polishing produces a high-gloss polished surface, which preserves all filigree details of the restoration.”


GC CERASMART Anterior crown


Giuseppe Doti:

“You only need a small amount of polishing paste to achieve an optimal outcome that features a smooth and glossy surface – all within no time.”



MDA Guido Testa:

“I tested “Renfert Polish hybrid materials” with VITA ENAMIC® and SR Nexco®. The surface polishing takes very little time, but still achieves stunning results.”


SR Nexco veneering composite


MDT Matteo Moro:

“I tried out the polishing paste on crowns made from the light-cured veneering composite 3M™Sinfony™ for crowns and bridges. A small amount of polishing paste is all you need to smoothen even deep grooves and to quickly give the surface a natural shine.“


3M Sinfonie Anteriors


Thanasis Kalogeropoulos:

“I tested the new Renfert polishing paste “Renfert Polish hybrid materials” on VITA VM®LC, SR Nexco® and SIGNUM composite.  The crown's micromorphology is fully maintained while a natural-looking surface texture is created.”




MDT Matteo Moro:

“I tested the “Renfert Polish ZrO2” polishing paste on monolithic crowns made of zirconium dioxide. Thanks to the composition of the coarse diamond grit, deep grooves can be smoothed to give the surface an attractive high gloss.“


Monolithic ZrO² molar


Szabi Hant:

“The “Renfert Polish LiSi2” works excellently on IPS e.max lithium disilicate. The gloss is really nice and very closely approximates a tooth's natural gloss.“





ZTM Jost. P. Prestin:

„The Renfert Polish all-in-one polishing paste lets technicians achieve the desired gloss level in just seconds – it's the best all-round paste I know!“


Prepolishing lithium disilicate using the Renfert silicone polisher


High-gloss polishing of lithium disilicate using Renfert Polish LiSi2 and the Bison polishing brush




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Renfert Polish diamond polishing pastes

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