Terms & Conditions

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  • I. Organizer

(1) The organizer of the competition is Renfert GmbH represented by Chief Executive Officers Sören Hug and Dr. Sören Rieger.

(2) No other organizers are involved.

  • II. Competition

(1) The organizer is holding a competition. For this purpose, they are providing a prize which they will award to the winner or winners based on the following conditions.

(2) Participation does not require the purchase of goods or services.

  • III. Eligible Participants

(1) All general, legally competent, natural persons who are of legal age at the time of participation are entitled to participate.

(2) All employees of the organizer as well as their relatives and dependents are excluded from participation in this competition. Commercial users and non-natural persons are also excluded from participation.

(3) Participants who violate the conditions of participation or make false statements or have gained unfair advantage in the course of their participation can be excluded from participation. In addition, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify and demand back prizes from unentitled participants after the fact. More than one participation by any individual is not allowed. The organizer is entitled to delete multiple registrations at any time upon discovery and to exclude the participant from the competition overall and disqualify and demand back any awarded prizes from such participants.

  • IV. Prerequisites for participation in the competition

(1) In order to participate in the competition, the participant must fill out the participation card fully and legibly, throw the participation card into the participation box placed at the Renfert booth, post a story in their Instagram or Facebook account containing the text “@renfertdental” and subscribe to the Renfert account (@renfertdental) with the account and on the channel on which the story was posted.

(2) The competition is open for participation until 03-18-2023, 16:00 h. The conditions described above must be satisfied in full for participation. The organizer will check that the other conditions of participation have been satisfied by 03-20-2023, 10:00 h.

(3) Participation in the competition is free of charge. No services subject to charge must be purchased in order to participate.

(6) The prerequisites for participation must be satisfied for the duration of the competition and must be communicated to the organizer by the route offered. Participation by any other route than the one offered is excluded and will not be considered. Participations submitted before or after will not be considered.

  • V. Determination of the winner, notification and handover of the prize

(1) The winner shall be determined by lot, namely by drawing of the participation card by an individual selected by the organizer.

(2) The winner shall be determined finally and bindingly subject to their eligibility as a participant in accordance with section III. and IV.

(3) The winner will be notified via the e-mail address stated in the course of the competition by 03-31-2023 at the latest. There will be no further notification by mail.

(4) The winner must report back to the organizer by e-mail to marketing@renfert.com within 7 days of receiving notification of the win and accept the prize. Receipt of the e-mail by the organizer is decisive for the on-time receipt of the acceptance. Upon expiry of the 7-day deadline, entitlement to the prize shall be forfeited and a new winner will be determined by drawing lots.

(5) The prize may not be exchanged for cash. Entitlement to the prize is not transferable. Exchange as well as defect warranty rights with regard to the prize are excluded.

(6) The prize will be mailed to an address stated by the winner at the organizer’s cost, whereby the delivery will be made DDP (Incoterms 2022) to the named address.

(6) The winner is announced without liability. The participant agrees to having their name published in the event of a win.

(7) Participants who have participated unsuccessfully in the competition will be informed of their unsuccessful participation with reference to the possible prize.

  • VI. Exclusion of liability

(1) The organizer accepts no liability for lost, damaged or late receipt of prizes; warranty claims are excluded in particular for material defects and defects of title.

(2) The organizer is liable only for willful intent or grossly negligent own conduct or willful intent or grossly negligent conduct of their vicarious agents as well as willful or grossly negligent violation of cardinal duties. This does not apply for damages involving injury to life, body and/or health.

  • VII. Data protection terms

With participation in this competition, the participant declares their agreement to the organizer storing their personal data for the duration and for the purpose of holding and organizing the competition. The organizer is entitled to pass the data on to third parties who are or will be contracted to hold and organize the competition for this purpose. The data of the participants will be destroyed 1 month after the end of the closure date at the latest in order to be able to consider possible substitute winners.

  1. Termination of the competition at any time

The organizer is entitled to cancel or terminate the competition at any time without prior announcement and without stating reasons. The organizer may exercise their right especially when orderly execution of the competition is no longer possible for technical or legal reasons.

  • IX. Final provisions

(1) The judge’s decision is final.

(2) These conditions of participation as well as all legal relationships issuing therefrom are subject exclusively to the Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany with exclusion of international private law and the CISG. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes resulting from and in connection with these conditions of participation or the competition are the courts at the main office of the organizer.

(3) If individual provisions of these conditions of participation are or should become invalid, the validity of the other conditions of participation remain unaffected.

(3) These conditions of participation are also provided in English for information purposes, whereby the German version is legally decisive.