Oliver Brix meets Renfert Basic quattro IS

"The Basic quattro IS sandblaster is so precise that I can even define fissures." Oliver Brix

5 tips from Oliver Brix for defining fissures with the sandblaster: 

1.  Sandblast using flowing movements -  An even and controlled blasting motion will emphasize the anatomical structures without creating defects.

2. Create rounded transition Areas - Rounded shapes resemble the natural anatomical shape of the occlusal surface.

3. Avoid direct, targeted sandblasting -  When sandblasting, ensure that the blasting nozzle remains constantly in motion to prevent unwanted recesses.

4. Observe the minimum material thickness recommended by the manufacturer - When the material is too thin, restoration fracture may occur later.

5. 25µm aluminum oxide, 1-2 bar blasting pressure and Ø 0.6mm blasting nozzle - For best results when creating the occlusal surface design.

Watch the video and learn more: