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17150008 CAT 001.jpg


Natural bristle brush

High quality, natural hair brushes in a modern design with a protective function integrated in the handle. In order for the brush hair to have a high level of strength, shape stability and longevity, Renfert uses a unique manufacturing technique.


  • Brush hair has a long service life due to an innovative protective function.
  • Slim tip shape due to the high quality brush hair.
  • Especially economical due to easily replaceable brush tips.


  • The protective function can be easily activated via a smooth rotation mechanism.
  • Consistent haptics for all holding positions.
  • Integrated roll-away protection.

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Picture Product Use Brush size Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
Genius set Genius set Building up 2, 4, 6, 8 (Set) with 4 brush sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 ) 17150000
Genius size 2 Genius size 2 Building up 2 1 piece 17150002
Genius size 4 Genius size 4 Building up 4 1 piece 17150004
Genius size 6 Genius size 6 Building up 6 1 piece 17150006
Genius size 8 Genius size 8 Building up 8 1 piece 17150008
Genius refill, size 2 Genius refill, size 2 Building up 2 2 pieces 17151002
Genius refill, size 4 Genius refill, size 4 Building up 4 2 pieces 17151004
Genius refill, size 6 Genius refill, size 6 Building up 6 2 pieces 17151006
Genius refill, size 8 Genius refill, size 8 Building up 8 2 pieces 17151008


Picture Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
Brush stand Brush stand

Practical brush stand for up to 8 brushes.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 29 x 6.8 x 12.3 cm

1 piece 229117

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Customer reviews

Expert tip

Before using the brush for the first time, remove the brush gel made from gum arabic, thoroughly. Break the solid, dry gel with your fingers and stroke the hair of the brush several times in quick movements over your hand. Then swirl the brush in a glass of water and clean on the wall of the water glass using rotating movements. Before each build-up, wet the brush hair thoroughly.