Renfert Genius Experience

making work easy

Maria Docheva
Dental technician


In our everyday practice we chose every instrument very wisely and subjectively. Therefore technicians have this specific individualism and creating a instrument so good, that it gives „universal” comfort while working, is a challenge.
The first impression from the GENIUS brush is the innovative design. Not that it’s the most beautiful brush one would ever see , but it’s so practical – very light, comfortable to hold and with the great advantage that we have the brush tip always protected. The colored size code is also an advantage in the busy everyday life in the lab. And we shouldn’t forget to mention the roll away protection that keeps the fine spindle shaped jewel always on the working table.


Admittedly ceramists care more about the brush tip. It has perfect balance regarding the hardness of the fine high quality hair and  its specific ergonomy. This leads to easy and sure homogenization of the porcelain. Also if we take a closer look to the shape of the brush tip we see the unique cut. It’s so fine and precise that it motivates us to create and play with the different types of ceramic. And in the end we know that the idea we’ve locked while sculpturing teeth’s details will stay the same. No matter if we are making delicate mamelons or deep natural fissures , we can trust in our GENIUS.






Having in mind that the GENIUS brush works perfect for detailed and fine structures,we know that this requires a closer look to the working space. And here we go back to the spindle shaped design. It’s so comfortable that it feels like a part of your hand.
Also the brush tip comes in different sizes and if you have all four of them, you won’t need any other brushes. We can apply ceramics, make the finest details, glaze and even stain(#2)- all due to the unique tip.


In latin „genius” literally means :attendant spirit, innate ability. It’s having a mind so opened that makes you question everything and finding answers. That’s what I see Renfert did – they questioned everything that a technician needs for his creations and just projected it into a real life object. It’s brave to call your product with an adjective associated to Albert Einstein , but this trustworthy product deserves it.