Cutting and grinding lithium with the Dynex Brilliant

making work easy

Andrej Lazic
Dental Technician


The Cutting and grinding discs DYNEX Brillant 20 x 0.8 mm is exceptional to use. The cutting ability, which is fast and easy to control and its performance when grinding lithium disilicate, makes it a joy to work with. A positive feature I noticed when I was working with the cutting and grinding discs, was the fact that they generated next to no heat during use and therefore caused no additional stress to the material being processed.


Until now, I had always used competitor cutting discs, but the new 0.8 mm, glass-fiber reinforced and diamond bonded cutting disc has impressed me with its quality and characteristics. I feel these are far better than the tools I have been using until now for cutting and grinding lithium disilicate. The service life of the cutting and grinding discs is also excellent. I did not even have to unpack the second one.



  • Faster and controllable cutting
  • Low heat generation during processing
  • Excellent service life of the cutting and grinding disc


Dust-free processing with light and view for the pro


Processing lithium disilicate inside the extraction box Dustex master plus


Symbiosis between material and tool


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