Bionic Hair

Bionic Hair - Exceptional durability and natural behavior

Stores water like natural hair

Optimum moisture management thanks to the special molecular structure of the fiber.

Elegant and light as a feather

For fatigue-free working. Ergonomic design and low weight guarantee easy, relaxed handling when layering.

Full Contour and Micro Layering

Ideal handling of the ceramic material during layering thanks to the fineness, elasticity and dimensional stability of the brush tip.

Precision tip

Aesthetic results down to the last detail. The delicate tip with long-lasting resilience and elasticity impresses with the targeted application of ceramic.


Long service life without spreading or "fluffing up" thanks to the Bionic Hair. The robust Bionic Hair lasts just as long as natural hair. 

0 % animal products

Contemporary dental lifestyle thanks to brush tip made of Bionic Hair and functional design.

Refill approach*

Available in different sizes for easy replacement of the brush tip for cost-effectiveness.

* Only available for the lay:art evo and Genius evo versions