die:master varnishes

making work easy

Rainer Semsch
Master Dental Technician


Exceptional dental technology requires exceptional materials. This means for all analogously fabricated crowns and bridges (still approx. 75% of all units fabricated), that well prepared bases, including dies with varnish and spacer application, are essential.


To reach this, the die:master polishes from Renfert are the material-series of my choice. The reasons for this are obvious:


die:master duo


die:master picosep


  • The “die:master duo” die hardener is absorbed quickly and seems to take effect deep in the dental stone
  • The hardener does not form a layer on application
  • The hardener combines with the colored spacer (in the colors gold, silver, red, blue and grey depending on the layer thickness required)
  • The spacer forms a smooth, homogeneous surface
  • The well-known separator ›picosep‹ ideally rounds of the range. It reliably separates in a very thin film thickness


die:master Set


The materials are presented in an attractive tray to please the eye and ensure a tidy workstation. As well the magnet-retained brush for separation is always in the correct position.


Brilliant Renfert!- how have I actually managed this until now?