How Clean Dentures Can Prevent Illness

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Greg Martin
CDT and National Director of Sales
Renfert USA


One of the key things you can do when you have dentures is to keep them clean. Why? Because clean dentures keep you healthy. Read more about it here.


Tooth loss can create a lot of problems for the patient. Just losing one or two teeth can change the way a person eats, the way they speak, or their appearance. For patients who have to lose all of their teeth, the effect can be devastating. Losing teeth can affect the jaw, the patient’s profile and appearance, the way they eat, the way they talk and so much more.


This is where dentures can play a role. Dentures might take some getting used to for most patients, but they can restore a smile, allow the patient to eat foods they were eating before the tooth loss, and help avoid some problems that come with total tooth loss.


However, it also takes a lot of responsibility on the part of the patient and their dentist, because dentures present a unique set of challenges to keep them clean. This is where Renfert can help and can do so effectively with our SYMPRO denture cleaning system.


The short and serious truth of the matter is many people do not know how to properly clean their dentures. This can be particularly true of those who are brand new to having them, but there are a lot of circumstances where it might be the case. The list of health issues which can develop because of improperly cleaned dentures can seem almost intimidating to patients:


  • Bone loss. Just having dentures causes some bone loss. Since the roots of teeth into the jaw help maintain healthy jawbones, losing them can cause the bones in the jaw to soften and deteriorate. This is why denture wearers often have jaw issues. However, improperly cleaned dentures can cause patients to not wear them, which just speeds up the process of bone loss. 
  • Bacterial infections. Since dentures are more porous than actual teeth, they can harbor more bacteria within them. When the dentures are not properly cleaned, the bacteria can build up in the dentures, which are then inhaled or swallowed by the patient. This can lead to several health issues, such as bacterial infections, but also pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Pulmonary issues. The same pathogens that build up and can lead to the bacterial infections above, can also be inhaled and swallowed and lead to: 
    • Heart issues and infections. This can include build-up of fluid around the heart, which can cause damage with long-term effects. 
    • Stomach problems. Gut bacteria helps people digest food and stay healthy. When the bacteria get disrupted because of bad bacteria or other pathogens, serious stomach ailments can occur. This then leads to the person not eating, which can just lead to more health problems.
  • Exacerbating pre-existing conditions. Many elderly patients also have several pre-existing conditions which affect their immune system. This makes any infection they contract a potential risk. When dentures are not cleaned properly, the following chronic illnesses can make bacterial infections even worse and potentially life-threatening. They include: 
    • Diabetes. Which creates immune deficiencies and can lead to heart disease, stroke and kidney problems. 
    • Pulmonary diseases. The same pathogens which can affect the heart can be inhaled and infect the lungs. If there are already lung issues such as COPD, these can be much more severe. 
    • Vascular diseases. Bacteria ingested by swallowing or inhalation can find its way into the blood and blood vessels. This can lead to many vascular problems and create serious blood diseases. When someone already has vascular diseases, they can be made much worse through these pathogens in the mouth.
    • HIV. Since HIV destroys the immune system, any infections can become serious and life threatening.
    • Helicobacter Pylori infection. Sometimes abbreviated to H. Pylori, this affects the lining of the stomach. This infection can come from inhaled pathogens in the mouth from improperly cleaned dentures.  
    • Cancer. Those being treated for cancer and undergoing chemotherapy have weakened immune systems. Even a cold can become serious, let alone the types of pathogens which can build up in someone’s mouth and within the pores of a set of dentures. 
    • Mouth sores, abscesses and fungi. Build up of unhealthy bacteria and other pathogens on dentures can lead to problems such as mouth sores, abscesses and fungal infections. These can be very painful for patients, which will cause many to stop wearing their dentures, which leads to additional health issues. Some of the common mouth ailments include:
      • Chronic Atrophic Candidiasis. A common ailment which is caused by a yeast infection in the mouth. Also known as oral thrush, this can lead to painful lesions and a burning sensation in the mouth. Immunocompromised individuals can develop a life-threatening systemic Candida infection.
      • Gum problems. Lesions, swollen gums, canker sores and more can all stem from improper cleaning of dentures. Painful gums lead to the patient not wearing dentures and the potential for nutritional issues. 
  • Nutritional issues. When a patient removes their dentures and has a mouth full of sores or other problems, they stop eating. If the bacteria have affected their stomach, they might also stop eating. Alternatively, the patient might turn to softer foods that don’t hurt as much or that they can eat without having their dentures in their mouths. This can lead to numerous additional health problems, such as:
    • Vitamin deficiencies
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes


These reasons are why a dentist's office offering denture cleaning can be beneficial to patients, but also to the dentist. Having the right equipment that can completely and thoroughly clean a set of dentures in less time than it would take to do so by hand allows for more appointments and the ability to help more patients.


How to clean and care for dentures using Renfert’s SYMPRO Denture Cleaning System

Renfert provides solutions for dentists to offer denture cleaning that accomplishes the task quickly, and the system we believe works best is the SYMPRO. There are a number of advantages for your dental practice by having a SYMPRO Denture Cleaning device in your office, including:


  • Customer retention. When a patient has to have dentures, you can offer them an additional service, such as a prophylaxis service for denture wearers. This service benefits the patients by having a positive effect on their overall health because of regular denture cleaning.
  • Less risk of damage. Using the SYMPRO creates less scratching and breakage to the prosthetic when compared to manual cleaning.
  • Time savings. Thanks to the effective automated cleaning process, cleaning dentures with the SYMPRO takes significantly less time than cleaning them by hand. This allows you to schedule more appointments in a day.
  • Reliability. The SYMPRO has been validated, and provides hygienic reprocessing of the system components. It also offers optimized pin geometry for gentle and, at the same time, effective cleaning.
  • The SYMPRO is easy to use. The operation of the system is intuitive, so you don’t need to spend weeks training on an unfamiliar process. In fact, a dentist can have one in his/her office and not need a lab tech. 
  • Effective against acrylics. Acrylic dentures are notorious for trapping in bacteria and a SYMPRO has methods to remove the bacteria, even in acrylics. 
  • Easier cleaning for restorations. The SYMPRO mini cup and temp:ex temporary cement remover are designed to be used in combination with the SYMPRO.
  • Makes repairs easier. When making repairs, the cleaning process that comes with it is easier with a SYMPRO in the same way offering full-denture cleaning is for patients.  
  • Protection for dentists and hygienists. The last thing you want to do as a dentist or hygienist is to stick your hands into a mouth infected with any of the ailments listed above. By offering regular, effective and thorough cleaning with the SYMPRO, you lessen the chance of patients having those infections. This can improve the health and safety of those working with patients as well as the patients themselves.


Denture before & after using Renfert´'s Sympro


Denture before


Denture after


Other products Renfert offers which can be used in conjunction with the SYMPRO are the help:ex plaque p and discolor f. These are sent as a powder instead of a liquid, which the dentist or hygienist can mix in their office. This makes it easier to store and transport. Used with the SYMPRO, you have a powerful, reliable, verified, easy-to-use denture cleaning system.


Contact Renfert for more details about getting SYMPRO for your office

It’s obvious that helping patients keep their dentures clean offers benefits for their health, improves their smile and helps their overall quality of life. However, there are also several benefits for you and your dental practice. For more information about what the SYMPRO system can do, how it can benefit you and your patients, and details about how to get one for your office, contact Renfert today.