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67001000 CAT 001.jpg


Denture cleaning unit

Compact denture cleaning unit especially suitable for cleaning removable dental restorations, orthodontic appliances and splints.


  • Customer retention – a prophylaxis service for denture wearers.
  • Processing reliability - validated, hygienic reprocessing of system components.
  • Patient satisfaction – externally tested material compatibility with standard dental materials.


  • Positive effect on the patient's overall health due to regular denture cleaning.
  • High time savings compared to manual methods thanks to effective and automated cleaning process.
  • Optimized pin geometry for gentle and at same time effective cleaning.
  • High cleaning performance due to optimal bowl inclination.
  • Easy cleaning of temporary restorations in combination with SYMPRO mini cup and temp:ex temporary cement remover.

Ordering information

Picture Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
SYMPRO, 100-240 V SYMPRO, 100-240 V Denture cleaning unit SYMPRO, tweezers, cleaning vessel with cover for use in cleaning device, cleaning bowl with cover for post-treatment, retaining magnet, cleaning needles, manual for hygienic reprocessing 67001000

Technical data


SYMPRO, 100-240 V

Article number


Permissible mains voltage

100–240 V

Permissible mains frequency

50/60 Hz

Power consumption

90 VA

Cleaning intensity

low / medium / high

Dimensions (W x H x D)

150 x 240 x 280 mm
5.91 x 9.45 x 11.02"

Weight (without bowl)

~3 kg
~6.6 lbs


Picture Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
SYMPRO cleaning pins SYMPRO cleaning pins The rotating pins heat up the cleaning solution. The pins are made of an acid-resistant alloy. 75 g (2.63 oz.) 65000550
SYMPRO beaker disinfectable SYMPRO beaker disinfectable 1 piece 65000450
SYMPRO mini-cup set SYMPRO mini-cup set Hygienically reprocessable cup (for 4 single crowns or up to 4 unit bridges) for cleaning small objects in the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit. 1 mini-cup incl. adapter ring and cleaning needles 65000410
SYMPRO Retrofit set SYMPRO Retrofit set Retrofit set with disinfectable SYMPRO cleaning beaker. 1 cleaning beaker, 1 cleaning pins and 1 manual for hygienic preparation 65000460
help:ex plaque f help:ex plaque f Ready-to-use, acidic cleaning liquid for use in combination with the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit. Fast and reliable removal of the most common deposits such as tartar and plaque. 4 x 1 l (4 x 0.26 gal) 67000100
help:ex plaque p help:ex plaque p Pre-portioned powder to be mixed with water for use in the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit. Reliable removal of plaque and tartar. Neutralization of the cleaning solution after use in the SYMPRO unit (PH-neutral) using the neutralization powder supplied. 20 x 20 g (0.7 oz.) cleaning powder + 20 x 4,5 g (0.16 oz.) neutralizer 67000000
help:ex discolor f help:ex discolor f Ready-to-use, alkaline, special cleaner for removal of stubborn discolorations such as tobacco tar, coffee, and tea stains from removable dental restorations. To be used afterwards outside of the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit. 1 l (0.26 gal) 67000200

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